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Online Data Entry Jobs from Home Without Investment

Types of Offline & Online Data Entry Jobs

As I said earlier, there are different types of data entry jobs both online as well as offline as per the requirement of the company.

1. Plain Data Entry Job

First is basic typing job. You will be asked to type things into MS word or a notepad. This is very easy because you have to type in simple English words.

You need to have good typing speed preferably more than 30 WPM (words per minute). You will be provided with some documents like images, books or other stuffs which you need to see and type on MS words or other software provided by the company. It depends upon the company how they want.

You can refer this post – 6 Best Places to Find Data Entry Jobs & start earning from this.

2. Survey Forms

Filling online surveys is another best online data entry jobs people choose to earn extra income. All the top companies want to know the feedback of the customers before they launch or upgrade any new product.

So they contact market research companies who has huge database of customers like you & me. You can join these market research firms (online surveys sites) & participate in providing the feedback.

You have to fill up the online surveys from these companies by providing your valuable feedback. You will get paid for each & every survey you complete.

You can join these top 20 online survey companies to start earning from online surveys.

3. Captcha Entry Job

Captchas are for identifying whether you are a human or robot. Captcha is an image with some character which only a human can read & solve. There are many companies who want to solve these images for creating account on different sites or accessing websites.

As a Captcha entry worker, you help these companies to create accounts on different sites. Once you join a Captcha entry site, you can continuously solve these captchas & get paid up to Rs.100 for every 1000 Captchas you type.

There are number of best Captcha solving companies where you can join but few of them pay good money. You can check top 10 Captcha entry siteshere which provide you this opportunity.

4. Form Filling

In this data entry work, you will be provided with online forms and the the huge data separately. You have to check each and every field carefully.

Now as per the forms data, you have to enter the value in each and every field. One all the data filled up in the form, then you need to submit the data online.

You need to start the same process again. Just copy the data in the required field & submit this. It may take 2-4 minutes to submit one form.

You may get paid Rs.10 to Rs.50 for filling up one form and it really depends on the company and the time it takes to fill the form.

Besides from typing skills you need to have some common sense because you need to complete tables or things like it.

It is bit difficult then simple typing.

5. Image to Text

Here, you have to convert an image file into word document. You have to check the text written in the jpg file and write into the word document. It is most common type of data entry job.

Usually company asks for these types of data entry jobs. You can say this is the most common type of data entry job.

There are number of companies who can provide you this type of work without any investment. You must check here 6 best places where you can find these companies.

6. Re-formatting & correction

You might be asked to reformat a written document & correct the mistakes like grammar & spelling.

Here you should have fair knowledge of English because you need to correct grammatical mistakes.

Companies looking for candidates for this type of job demand good knowledge of English.

7. Re-Formatting Data

Formatting data is also simple like filling forms. Here you have to format data in a specified manner.

You might have to align different paragraphs to left hand side or right hand side.

Re-formatting data mainly contains letters and content like it. You have to format a word file with thousands of line.

8. Convert Audio to Text Format

This is very advanced type of data entry job. Here you have to write down the content recorded in an audio format.

You have to listen an audio voice and reproduce in text format. Here you need to have great listening skills and good English vocabulary.

You have to write as it is recorded in the audio.

9. Medical Transcriptionist

Medical transcription is one of the high paid job among all online data entry work. In this job, you have to write down medical text into a word document from an image file.

The words that you will write down are medical words related to medical field that you haven’t heard them before.

They are so long and very hard to spell. Hence, you have to see every letter and write. This is the most painstaking work because you need to maintain an accuracy of 99.9% which is very difficult.

Most of the data entry operators fail.

10. Captioning

Captioning work is basically required by media and entertainment industry like news channels. Here you have to write heading and other captions given to you.

TV stations require such type of data entry operators. However, this type of job is done in office rather from home.

There could be many other types of data entry jobs. However, these 10 are most common jobs that you could find. You can also refer these 14 free, simple & best online jobs to earn money. You can earn Rs.30,000+ from these online job opportunities.